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Dear Colleagues, I am currently delayed in research due to a small mishap that made me lose five months of work, a damaged disk on the primary machine, the recovery will take me about two or three months. They are about a hundred spreadsheets Mathematica, thank God I printed the results, it's just work to remember or reconstruct equations.


I'm working at full steam to finalize the draft of the natural Laws of absolute and fundamental properties of all subspaces ie, the space that integrates our Cosmos within the Universe as a whole – what today is called "dark matter" and "empty space" within the standard model.

In another order of things, I tell you I'm also completing the draft of the English version of my first book published in Spanish "QEDa Theory – The atom and their nucleus".

Three-dimensional Complex Space theory “TCS”

Front Cover

Introduction to the three-dimensional complex space theory

A new report with an introduction about the three-dimensional complex space theory and consequences derived of their development and their cosmological implications. Requires a viewer, such as Adobe Reader

APR version (2011-12):

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HIKARI version (2010-10):

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Web version (2009-05):

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