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At the moment I am focused on a technology project that will allow to establish the theoretical foundations for a nuclear fusion reactor that can be used in automotive transportation and into a small groups of houses.

In the section titled "Fusion" I posted the general guidelines and in the future will be added the objective achievements.

Three-dimensional Complex Space theory “TCS”

I have added a new paper titled “The Introduction to the Complex Three-dimensional space theory (TCS)”.

It’s available a F.A.Q. in the same section that discusses some points not deeply covered on the article. Also, a new question (no. 14) was added into the F.A.Q. regarding String and Black Holes theory.

Changed the work plan

Looking up the Milky Way. Photo by JP Stanley.

I began to work on nuclear fision and there are questions related with the space, due to that I am forced to return from the beginning to finish the work on the three-dimensional complex space theory, the matter (substance), the quarks and the time.

Tasks that at the moment I am happy with the important achievements: I have already calculated the absolute constants (in approximate form) and the planetary, galaxy and globular cluster stability.