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I found some technological difficulties in the nuclear fusion work, as I have to wait until "light my lamp", I continued with the development and preparation of the publication about Planetary Mechanics within the TCS theory. I am in preparation for the Web version to be completed in a few days.


Objectives of the study.

Although from the theoretical and technology point of view it is a formidable challenge, studies and preliminary analysis that I’ve made and even current scientific achievements make this project possible.

The objective of this project is only to establish the theoretical foundations of a “Reactor-Generator” using fusion technology, with general characteristics that are developed below.

General guidelines for the project.

  • The using of a energy production process determined by a controlled reaction of Deuterium-Deuterium fusion to avoid any harmful emissions or any dangerous pollution.
  • Transformation of the energy released in the form of electromagnetic radiation by the reaction of Deuterium-Deuterium fusion by direct conversion into electrical energy.