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Spin magnetic-dynamic auto-equilibrium

With the purpose to respond an email question, I’ve completed the study of the spin magnetic-dynamic stability of atomic particles. Also, it’s included all theoretical relationships among fundamental physical constants (Go to download page or see more details in The atom page)

The Helium family

Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant. Photo by Michal Brcak.

To make headway on the planned stages, I’ve been done the research and publication about nuclear stability, atomic stability and gyromagnetic ratios in all levels on elementary substances even the helium family.

Inside the electronic study of this element family, I discovered that the nucleus of the atom produces a remarkable screening phenomenon in the electric interaction among electrons, when the nucleus comes between two of them. This phenomenon establishes an approximate decrease of eight per cent on the total effect of interaction.

This is the third research work that was mandatory to know before entering in the investigation of the laws that maintain the constant nuclear fusion (CNF), using elementary substances of hydrogen family, with the final objective to establish the fundamental design of an electric generator by constant nuclear fusion (FEG), including technical, dimensional and economic matters and feasible with resources that already we have (the human kind).


I’ve finished satisfactorily the tests and reviews about stability and gyromagnetic ratios in the Helium family. In one or two months will have been done the report “The Helium Family – Stability and Gyromagnetic Ratios”.