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The Helium family

Stability and Gyromagnetic ratios

Beginning from the concepts published in “QEDa Theory: The atom and their nucleus”, I have been able to determine the origin of what today we know as “nuclear strong interaction” and the “screening in the electric interaction between electrons”, due to the interference of the atomic nucleus. With this new information I have calculated again the atomic and nuclear magnitudes including the gyromagnetic ratios and Lande factors of Helium family.


The work was divided in five sections; in the first section I did the calculations of stability and basic magnitudes of helium 3, helium 4, helium 5 and helium 6.

On the other sections I made the calculations of gyromagnetic ratios and Lande factors: the second section was dedicated to Helium 3; the third section was dedicated entirely to helium 4; the fourth section was dedicated to helium 5 and finally, the fifth section was dedicated to helium 6.

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